Recap of the Semester and Agenda notes: 12/1/11

This meeting was our last meeting of the semester for SOPE and we accomplished many things overall! The club started later in the semester which left us with a limited amount of time to get things rolling. However, we had the chance to apply and receive money for the Sustainability Grant (thanks to Jaz for all the hard work), participate in a bake sale, run a booth at the Palouse Ball, and man the ASUI polling stations. Thanks to all members for contributing in one way or another and next semester will be even better! Have a great break!

meeting notes:

-T-shirts will be ready for pick-up

-For next semester we would like to try to become the Sierra Club Chapter for the University of Idaho

-Sustainable cooking class is still on in the Wallace basement Mon. Dec. 5th at 5:00 PM : How to cook stuffed squash in a microwave

-A greenhouse prototype will be built by Allison this break and hopefully next spring we can begin building the real deal!


Agenda Notes 10/10/11

-all social networking sites are now updated and running! Make sure to check out SOPE on Facebook and!

-We will be participating in a trivia game at the Palouse Ball on Saturday!

-SOPE will be participating in the building of a Greenhouse during the spring to be sent to third-world countries.

-Native Planting is still on!

-Facilities is preparing all the necessary resources for the native planting this spring near the Tower. As a group we will volunteer for the planting!

-The Sustainability grant money is now going towards a new cause. There will be sustainable cooking classes in the dorms teaching students how to cook locally and sustainably on a lower budget. The first program will be held on Dec. 5th 5-6PM.

-SOPE will hopefully be participating in the polling stations to earn funding for the club on Nov. 14th or 15th. Make sure to cast your vote for ASUI elections!

-Next meeting will be Dec. 1st 5:30PM CNR 19A

-Fundraising ideas? There will be a bake sale in the CNR lobby Nov. 30th at 8:00 AM

Palouse Ball November 12, 2011

Come and join us this Saturday evening at 8:00 PM in the SUB ballroom for the first annual Palouse Ball hosted by the CNR. Admission is 5$ per person and is open to the public. Enjoy music, dancing, food, and come check out our SOPE table with lots of fun to offer! See you then!

Meeting Notes: October 27th 2011

-Went over SAC meeting notes. Setting up table for SOPE at the Palouse Ball and we are providing a fun activity for all who come.

-Change of plans for Sustainability Center Grant: switching gears towards partnering up with the UI Sustainability Center and contributing towards a sustainable cooking class.

-We are possibly looking to help a small business with building a greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles.

-Thought of small fundraising events. Any ideas?

-Designing a SOPE 2011 club t-shirt and we now need an estimated headcount to get them ordered. These t-shirts are available to all. If interested, contact

SOPE Brochure

SOPE Brochure

Here is a brochure Steffany created that covers what the club is about and what we do. Enjoy!

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

MISSION: To promote sustainability on campus and improve people’s interactions with their environments through education, action, and community outreach.

VISION: To be a cornerstone of sustainability on campus to cause a paradigm shift within the University and greater Moscow community from a consumptive culture to one that embraces a sustainable norm and all that it entails.

1. Honesty and integrity
2. Strong work ethic
3. Practice what you preach
4. Encouraging and inclusive

Exploring the Palouse